blue fox ceramics Ruth Fox  creates unique and decorative ceramics working from her studio in Lancashire, England. The majority of her work is made using stoneware clay sourced from the potteries in Stoke on Trent, wheel thrown and decorated by hand using a glazing technique called layering. This involves applying multiple glazes to each piece by hand. Sometimes six or seven layers are used to achieve the subtle and beautiful colour combinations. This makes every piece unique as the firing results vary, as does the way the glaze is applied.

Inspiration & Creativity

Artists statement

My passion is colour integrated with form. So one should match the other. Since I discovered the endless possibilities of layering glazes, and how wonderfully fluid they can appear I’ve been obsessed. I often sketch my ideas before I attempt to start creating, however, they often develop and change even in this process from my original idea. When glazing I like to focus on how the finished piece should look, but sometimes the kiln gods have other ideas. Its a delicate balance between the look Im trying to achieve, the thickness of the glazes used and the temperature the kiln fires to. In addition to that, glaze is not paint, and the colours on the unfired item varies hugely to the post fired work. So keeping records of test done and constant note taking with images is a must.

Eco friendly

In an effort to reduce energy useage and be more envirnomentally friendly the majority of her ceramics are single fired instead of the more usal twice fired method. This greatly reduces the energy used there is no bisque fire prior to the glaze firing. However, it can be a very challenging process glazing raw unfired clay which is similar to a chocolate egg.


Ruth aims to recycle all used clay and glaze so there is very little waste.

She has been working in ceramics since 1986 and is a Member of Craft Potters Association. Her work is available to buy online here, Etsy and in local gift shops.