Rope Vase – White- Flowing series 2020


White rope vase from the Flowing series 2020

Made in stoneware clay, it is made using a variety of methods. It shows the flowing lines around a form and an interesting contrast between the white cotton like texture, to the bare unglazed clay surface.

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Flowing vase with texture. I love the contrast on this between the unadorned, unglazed section, which then contrasts with the heavily textured soft white section. It almost looks like bullwarp cotton. The thick fibrous cotton they make floor mops with.
The texture comes from extruded coils that are just attached firmly to the vase.

This vase started off on the wheel, then I built it up with more coils to get the shape I wanted. Once I’m happy with the shape, I apply the surface decoration.
Due to the thickness of the textured sections this piece was allowed to dry very slowly over many weeks before being carefully fired. Damp clay can explode in the kiln damaging other pots, and the kiln. So I held my breath when I opened it up that day.

It’s a beautiful tactile piece, that has strongly contrasting swirling flowing sections. The white parts look so soft I think compared to the hard stoney surface of the bare clay.



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